The Island


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The Island (2013)

Produced by Harry and Didi Scorzo
Engineered and co-produced by Tony Shogren
Recorded at Sugar Cane Studios, Los Angeles, CA

  1. Nature Boy (E. Ahbez)
  2. Mundo Hermoso (Pretty World) (T. Gaspar/A. Antonio/M. Bergman/A. Bergman)
  3. Lush Life (B. Strayhorn)
  4. Lost in the Stars (K. Weil / M. Anderson)
  5. Estate (B. Martino/J.E. Siegel/O.B. Berghetti)
  6. Dindi (A.C. Jobim/R. Gilbert/A.D. Oliveira)
  7. Historia De Un Aor (C.E. Almaran)
  8. Love Dance (I. Lins/P. Williams/G. Peranzzetta)
  9. In My Life (J. Lennon/P. McCarney)
  10. The Island (I.lins/V. Martins/M. Bergman/A. Bergman)


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